Victoria Ruffo loved her with all her heart, but tragedy followed her until the last day of her life.

Victoria Ruffo

Speaking of Victoria Ruffo it is worth mentioning a great career, her dozens of successful soap operas are an example of the talent of the “Queen”. The titles most remembered include: La Motherstra, Poor Rich Girl, Victoria, Simply Maria, among others.

And it was only in Simple Maria that Victoria Ruffo worked with Jaime Garza, the characters’ chemistry such that the romance crossed the screen and became a reality. This is how the media reported it in 1989 and 1990. Young Victoria was 27 years old, while Jaime was 35.

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But that soap opera love couldn’t continue, what prospered was their great friendship; Since they ended on good terms. Unfortunately, the actor’s health took a toll on him, he was diagnosed with diabetes, he had a traffic accident, he lost a leg. And for this reason some producers stopped hiring him, as they claimed that he could not perform the scenes they requested.

Jaime Garza drowns in sadness

The actor admitted that he suffered from depression, and though he didn’t lose hope and tried to remain optimistic, it was hard for him that television turned his back on him. His end came on May 14, 2021, when he was 67 years old, leaving a void in the hearts of the public and his family.

Victoria Ruffo and Jaime Garza

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