Victoria Ruffo was about to live out Pablo Lyle’s suffering because of her husband

Victoria Ruffo

Victoria Ruffo didn’t see it coming. The marriage between the actress and Omar Fayed could turn out to be the costliest drama for her, because as her partner, her husband’s rise in the larger political league would be something she would love, however, she would also be willing to face such consequences. Will be sharing would be fatal

A week ago, corruption suspicions surfaced against Omar Fayed, who is currently part of the government of Hidalgo State, which would automatically put Victoria Ruffo on the accused’s bench, because in similar cases, these types of wives. Considered as an ally of political actors.

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This type of case happens very often in national politics, however, little is said about the consequences for the partners of those involved, who participate in deadly processes that eventually end in prison, entire families, their careers. and unfortunately ends. with their lives.

Just last week there was talk of Omar Fayed’s illustrious career and Ruffo being touted as the next “seagull”, however, his story may be like that of Pablo Lyle in prison. Fayed is being investigated for embezzlement of public finances during his government in Hidalgo, and usually, during election time, these cases end badly.

danger is imminent

Neglect on the part of the cast’s partners could lead to the end of their careers and expose their lives as was the case with Pablo Lyle and now, unfortunately, Victoria Ruffo, although none of them have , not even Umar Fayed has given. Any statement in this regard suggests that they are not giving it the priority that such an issue deserves.

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