Victoria Ruffo’s lover who wanders as a lost soul and now sees the light

Victoria Ruffo

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Victoria Ruffo is one of the most popular telenovela actresses in the entire history of Mexico and even those who haven’t seen her show surely know her. She has stood out for being a first-class dramatic actress and for the many men who have come under her charm.

Ruffo has had more than one passionate partner, both in real life and in fiction, and certainly each of them can say it was an experience that marked him. Although, there was one who seemed perfect for her, but they could not have a happy ending for both of them.

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More news from Ruffo:

Victoria Ruffo’s love that made her lose her head

I wanted to take her love away from Victoria Ruffo and Karma took charge of her heart

This heart beat suffered the most, depression weighed him down and now it seems he must be heading towards the light.

Victoria Ruffo’s boyfriend who went through the worst

This is Humberto Zurita, who was Ruffo’s heartthrob in the telenovela ‘Capricho’. More than one person thought they were a perfect couple but it remained a fantasy.

In real life, Zurita went through the worst when his wife Christian Bach left this world:

“We haven’t seen him so happy. It was painful to lose whoever was his wife for 33 years, but she had great strength, though there was a heavy weight inside her absence.

However, after his romance with Sylvia Pinal’s granddaughter, Stephanie Salas was confirmed, the actor will now look at life differently.

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