video | Angelica Vale elevates Mexico and earns her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The success of Mexicans abroad is always appreciated in the country because, in addition to showing us that commitment and effort break down any barriers, they create more talents to aspire to shine, not only in their own country, but in such an important horizon. open the door for. Is Hollywoodwhere some compatriots have achieved Get a Star on the Path to Fame, However, recently, a “dreamer” managed to reach the long-awaited road of illusion.

It was during this week that Angelica Valewho began his acting career at a very young age, later taking part in youth soap operas such as “Sonadores” and “Amigas y Rivales”, managed to take an important step in his artistic career by being awarded an award. Star on the Hollywood Walk of FameAn event was attended by his closest family and friends.

and the speeches that most impressed the actress, remembered for playing one Hero of “The Most Beautiful Ugly” Standing out is her mom, Angelica Maria, who, in addition to making her daughter proud, reminded her how much she loves her and deserves the recognition she’s worked so hard for.

But one of the characters who couldn’t remember this great event is Jaime Camille, with whom Angelica Vale Their participation in the above melodrama has resulted in a close friendship that has led to them spending a great deal of time with each other’s family, as they are, in fact, neighbors in Los Angeles.

“Angelica, I’m proud of what you’re achieving today and I wish you all the best. God bless you,” expressed affectionately the protagonist of the authorized series The Life of Vicente Fernandez, which premiered a few years ago was. A few months on Netflix.

For her part, Kate del Castillo reminded her that this was very important, as it opened a door for more Mexican women to achieve the dream that a street symbolizes being represented as important as it is. Hollywood Walk of Fame,

However, who really caught Angelica Vale Throughout the speech was Omar Chaparro, who stated that he was carrying a very patriotic parcel from Eugenio Derbez, who could not attend the event due to his recovery process, although he also sent greetings to the comedian, who took the opportunity to joke. To that instead of sending her the flag, he would send her a role in one of his films.

Finally, specifically for ‘Ventanendo’, Angelica Vale Took this opportunity to send a message of inspiration to the girls who saw him on TV, convincing them that dreams do come true and that nothing is impossible with dedication and effort.

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Angelica Vale: It was an emotional debut in the soap opera of the famous daughter of Angelica Maria. Video

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