Video: Barbara de Regil suffers accident due to wind and teaches more

Through her social networks, the actress Maria chacon claimed his return to the soap opera after 15 years. On this occasion he did it with the project “Cabo: Wishing with the Body, Loving with Soul”, where he shared credits with such greats as Rebecca Jones, Rafael Inclan, Mar Contreras, Roberto Ballesteros, Fabiola Campomenes. Reslie’s Barbarawho, like his classmates, is very excited to share mistakes of recording.

It was through his Instagram account that “rosario scissorsShe published what would be a romantic scene that ended in laughter and anxiety for her. In the fragment of the recording you can see the actor Diego Amozurutia giving her too beautiful personal trainer What appears to be an engagement ring. The view could not have been better, as it was done on the seashore and some birds were resting in the background.

under the title “Bloopers de Cabo” Ran into the scene of what appears to be a sunset and the wind is a bit strong, the hair of Reslie’s Barbara He made her look like a goddess. However, the camera director had to shout “cut” after a small wind pounced on the actor: he raised his front. short dress Fully revealing her underwear.

What did Barbara de Regil say about the “accident”?

the episode that lived Reslie’s Barbara Compared to Diego amazuruti It was so funny that he requested it, uploaded it to his tiktok and instagram account, where he said “Blooper from Cabo with the bad guy from Malolandia @diego_amoz hahahahaha, as this scene came out yesterday at the first chapter premiere, OK, I’ll upload them to Blooper.” Thereafter, he went on to promote the telenovela that aired on Canal de las Estrellas at 9:30 pm.

Despite her efforts, Barbara de Regil could not go against the wind (Photo: Screenshot)

As expected, the reactions of her followers did not wait, as practically no one paid attention to her underwear, as they sent her all their support and praise for how controversial she could be, an outstanding actress, Coach is. And the mother, in addition to her beauty and figure, was sculpted by the gods of Olympus herself.

“It’s rare to see you as a girl well, when I see ya rosario scissors haha”, “imagine if this happens to you in an actual marriage proposal hahaha”, “it’s cool that these parts go up where they put you that they only act because the novel brings me so much input that I already hate it” and “I like it, I don’t like it I’m lost and with Papasote of Santiago”, were some of the comments that can be read with more than 113 thousand Likes that he received

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