video | Belinda joins Anita’s viral challenge and surprises with her hip movement

Belinda continues to win over her fans on social networks for her tremendous beauty and sympathy, something that she showed this time when she joined the famous “Anita Challenge” with which he tested his skills reggaeton Showing the movement of his hip.

The interpreter of “Bella’s Treason” stays away from the controversy that follows. Christian Nodal E. Tutura withn February and has dedicated his time to strengthen his career Spainalways with him family With whom he recently shared funny moments that he does not hesitate to show his followers.

This time, the actress also challenges her mother to perform the popular “Anita Challenge”, with which, along with the rhythm of “Envolver”, the Brazilian singer shows off her sculpted figure in an impressive way. twist Which so far very few people have been able to overcome, and Belinda was no exception.

in the middle laughingThe singer tries to persuade her mother to do the same viral rectum and of course show you how it should be done, although that attempt failed, the comments were immediate and some internet users highlighted what feliz What did he wear after being away after the engagement was over?

Celebrities do the “Anita Challenge”

Belinda isn’t the only celebrity who’s tried to replicate this seductive move with Anitta drives her fans crazy on stage, among them is Mariazel who has conquered her talent with her classmates “I’m laughing”.

Erica Beanfil Was crowned the “Queen of TikTok” for her video filled with HumorA touch that was not lacking in his version of the viral challenge in which he showcases his potential reggaeton And finally adds a sound saying that he hurt his hip.

Maria Leone excelled with her dancing skills and impressive elasticity, as she danced in a tight sports dress while moving her hips from the floor to the rhythm of “envolver”. This earned him a shower of praise on social networks.

The hosts of “Venga La Alegria” didn’t hesitate to show off their figure with Anita’s challenge and joined in with their best dance steps. Cynthia Rodriguez proved to be an expert on the subject and thus set the example for her colleagues, Crystal Silva and Laura G.

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