video | Belinda stuns as a schoolgirl poses during a concert

belinda He is one of the most loved singers in the middle of the show and his most recent appearance is puebla The proof of this is because the public cheered and encouraged his every success. Flattery when he launched himself onto the stage floor to do torsion with a revealing look Student Which allowed him to show his statuesque figure.

singer, 33 years old, I was one of the main performers at the Tree and Sphere Fair this weekend during the December holidays. Chignahuapan, Puebla. Dozens of people took to the stage to witness her talent and impressive beauty, which she displayed in a tight and revealing outfit, though her hip movements attracted attention.

Belinda as a schoolgirl. Photo: Exclusive

via TIC Toc User Mackel Varela shared a video in which Belinda can be heard explaining “school girl“, enthralling the entire audience with a sizzling choreography in which she twirls and gives a tremendous look. Student A checkered miniskirt, white button-down shirt and torn stockings which she paired with tall boots which are a favorite for autumn.

belinda receives candles

During her performance, fans came onstage to give Belinda a by candlelightThis is due to the peculiar phrasing with which the singer mocks the frequent comments on social networks about alleged “moorings” so that his companions make some tattoos in his honor, as happened with Christian Nodl.

,santa belinda of love, patron saint of donkeys, queen of Anchor and the Enchanted FrogI ask you to do a miracle for me so that they fall in love with me and get my name tattooed, Amen”, the prayer says. “Beautiful Betrayal” will be presented for the first time in Las Fiestas de Octubre Guadalajara,

this time some of his fans gave him by candlelight that also the musician passed over his head and face as a sign wish you success for love. Amidst outcry, attendees thanked the gesture and internet users applauded Belinda’s good sense.

Admirers give candles to Belinda for luck in love. Photo: Exclusive

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