Video calls, audio and encrypted messages: the changes Musk proposes for Twitter

The Twitter 2.0 that Elon Musk wants to build will be something very different from the social network we know today as Twitter. According to an internal conversation accessed by The Verge reporters, the company’s new owner intends to apply A range of innovations that go beyond Twitter Blue’s price hike and verification system.

encrypted message

one of the most important measures strongly encrypted messagesWhich is something the company already thought about adding in 2018. The proposal from four years ago was ultimately rejected and although the reasons are not known, Musk wants to take it up again.

“We want to allow users to communicate Without worrying about your privacy, without worrying about data breach on twitter that cause all your dms [direct message, mensaje directo] access the web or Twitter without thinking that maybe someone might be snooping on their DMs”, the businessman remarked in a meeting with his workers.

Tycoon appears to have been approached to implement encrypted messaging Moxy Marlinspike, creator of Signal, an instant messaging app similar to WhatsApp or Telegram. According to Musk, industry experts would “potentially be interested in helping us.”

Marlinspike came to work at Twitter several years ago as one of the employees interested in encrypting direct messages. However, Musk explained that “he was refused and then he went and made the signal.”

Musk demands that employees work hard.

video call and audio

Other features Musk wants to work on: Twitter will replace DMs with something similar to the meta apps (Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger) that already have the capability. Make video calls and send audio privately, This would not allow users to exchange words by voice or share their phone numbers to see the other person in real time.

twitter blue break

Musk has clarified that the platform’s paid subscription plan, Twitter Blue, will be on hold until they are “confident that significant impersonation is not occurring.” As we discussed at 20BITS, the billionaire’s idea was to return the ability to verify accounts to users paying $8 a month in late November, but It has been delayed without specifying by what date it will return.

The app is based on independent servers.

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