Video: “Canelo” Alvarez and his wife dance “La boda del huitlacoche” at their daughter’s party, so they did

Since last weekend, the name of Saúl “Canelo” lvarez has been at the top of trend lists on various social networks because of details little by little. How is it that his daughter Emily Cinnamon lived the glorious party of the XV years, Who is the product of his relationship with Karen Beltran and one of the videos that has attracted the most attention of Internet users in recent hours is a video in which The boxer performs his best dance with his wife Fernanda Gomez to the rhythm of “La boda del huitlacoche”Hence the images went viral on various platforms.

As you well know, Emily was in charge of the music Los 3 del Norteo, Grupo Firme and Carin Leone at Cinnamon’s XV year party and the latter, taking advantage of his close friendship with Boxer, Invited him to go on stage so that, with his wife, Fernanda Gómez, they dance to the beat of “La boda del huitlacoche”. One of his hits which is playing everywhere.

Once the music starts, Boxer and model at their best on stage And on more than one occasion he caused overflowing feelings among his guests, who at no time stopped appreciating him, moreover, it was possible to see that Karin Lyons herself was more than excited with the “Canelo” dance.

Although the video of “Canelo” Alvarez and Fernanda Gomez dancing was brief, The images caused a stir on social networks where all kinds of reactions were generated Well, on the one hand, there were congratulations and best wishes for Quinceanera, however, all the luxuries of the party were ignored and despite the fact that there were jokes about it, others criticized the boxer for ruining everything. done. Penny, however, the boxer’s fans came out to defend him.

Did Saul Alvarez drive the guests of his daughter’s XV year party?

After the fabulous party of the XV years of Emily Cinnamon, a version came out in which she assured that the celebration did not end in the best way as it is ensured that Saúl “Canelo” lvarez ended up with a few extra drinks and starred in various scandals. Well He used to rush his guests by calling them “Scrowangers”In addition, he may also have ordered the production of “Grupo Firme” to stop because that’s all he had and as if that wasn’t enough, too. Had a run-in with Karin Lyon, who agreed to hold the said private event as a special favor to the athlete, as he does not regularly accept such events.

The person in charge of circulating these volumes was the influential person known as the . was known as “Chamonic”, who claimed he had different videos to prove his words And he announced that it would be in the next few hours when he publishes them, so the hunt for “Canelo” followers continues because if it were true, the boxer would have added a new scam to his long list.

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