VIDEO: Chabelo’s uncomfortable remarks to Paola Rojas in an interview

One of the most famous and beloved figures by Mexicans is undoubtedly Xavier Lopezbetter known as chabelowho reached thousands of homes through his famous program Chabelo. in family withWho . was broadcast from 1967 As of December 20, 2015, when it ended the end of an era which was known for more than a generation.

And although the image that always cares “friend of all children“While persisted for many years, his actions in various interviews or meetings with the media have given him something to talk about, as there are those who believe that he has been Uncultured You Proud When asked about almost any topic, such as what would he eat for dinner, what happened to this controversial answer? Christmas of 2018.

Awkward Moments With Paola Rojasso

At that very moment with the media, it was the driver’s turn paola rosa To interview the actor during the promotion of the Christmas musical “santa’s village“Where Chabelo will participate. You can see him from the first moment of the video quite serious When the journalist introduces her, the emotion she shows arouses a little smile As for Javier, Joe disappears seconds after Paola says it.

“I’m with Chabello, Javier López with ‘Chabello’ Glad he invited me to ‘Santa’s Village’” says Rojas, which caused the actor to return to critical condition and respond:”I didn’t invite him, he has to pay for his ticket“. In good spirits, the journalist again corrects and formulates the sentence: “Oh good! He just told me that he is going to perform at La Villa de Santa Claus.”

Although, to be clear, Chabello again made a the explanation even though paola was already corrected what was said: “but you buy your ticket“And by this time, the driver of divine leader made another comment on the subject and perhaps what Chabello was referring to: “Of course, yes freeloader at this point, just imagine,

In this context, it should be noted that Chabello is known for do not be quiet before something that bothers you, bothers you or, just wants to answer Again, without being necessary, he replies: “No, if I didn’t want to tell him that you become a freeloader” which ends with laughing Between Paola and Javier, such an uncomfortable moment closed.

Chabelo’s blunt answer

Although from the beginning it seemed that stress was released, moments later there were other unexpected reactions from the actor, because in these types of interviews, usually the actor or the people involved want to give it. Spreading talking about your project or giving description people to participate.

Javier López has been criticized for the way he responds to the media. , Photo: Special

Paola gave the dates of the incident and a brief summary, when Chabelo replied: “That’s right, that’s what it’s about. And that? what else?“To which Paola please reply:”Well, you would say how wonderful!“And immediately, the actor interrupts her to say:”no i say nothing, you say everything,

Finally Paola talks about the work again and within seconds the interview ends, lasting barely a minute and 40 seconds, which is enough for users to leave comments. recognition of professionalism Paola Rojas before Chabello’s attitude, as he assures he never loses his sanity and keep calm,

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