VIDEO: Chiquis Rivera breaks the nets with a new Heart Attack mini waist and shows off her dance moves

In Mexico And in the United States, one of the most loved singers by the public in the Spanish-speaking community is Jenny Marin Rivera, better known within the Artistic Guild Chiquis RivieraJoe has stood out thanks to his powerful voice, but largely because of his charisma and always joyful sympathy in front of the cameras and in front of his millions of fans.

it is to be remembered that Chiquis Riviera is one singerSongwriter, businesswoman, author and American personality, who was associated with the world of music since childhood as she is the daughter of a singer Jenny Rivera.?

now famous niece lupillo rivera He has something to talk about after the release of some photos in which he is seen dazzling wearing a Mexican team shirt, with which he showed how proud he is of his roots, as well as a short one with the said outfit. Recorded a video in which her stunning figure and stunning waist can be seen, as well as a couple of dance steps in the above clip.

About Chiquis Rivera and his achievements

Let the 37-year-old singer cause thousands of comments with her witty, but eccentricity photosBecause over the years he has shared photos through his social networks in which he is seen with little or no clothes, or in sensual outfits like bikinis, but he also shares his exercise and fitness routines. Care of skin With various beauty products.

Chiquis Rivera is one of the region’s most beloved artists. Photo: Special

It is noteworthy that at present Chiquis Riviera She is part of a group of empowered women who, with difficulties, managed to enter the group or regional Mexican world, something that undoubtedly demonstrates the talent in her blood, which was inherited by her mother. Known as “La Diva”. La Banda”, who undoubtedly left an extensive legacy in Mexican culture.


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Chiquis Rivera suffered a severe fall during a concert, just like that. Video

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