video | Former Televisa host recalls the psychological abuse suffered by Galilea Montijo

During the “Vida TV” main event of the San ngel television station, the host Galilea Montijo and Lily Brillanti worked together Hector Sandarati, “Homerito”, and the late Dolores SalomonBetter known as “La Bodoquito”, it had a large audience between 2001 and 2006 with its competition games and various dynamics to entertain the audience.

He was the stellar conductor of the Vida TV show Photo: Twitter @blackphillipo

However, during this oneHe Told Him” ​​with Miguel Diazu To Multimedia, that soap opera actress also revealed that she had an altercation with her partner, the current host of the morning show “HOY”, who also admitted that “her fame had increased”.

“Many things came together (Galilia), the success of the program, she already had a name and she came from Ritmosan,” commented the 49-year-old TODAY host.

Has Galilee gained fame?

The Mexico City native reveals that, when she had an affair with the former football player cuautemok blancoMorelos’ current governor and when he won the reality show Big Brother VIP, “The charisma and the beauty that she has came together and went over the clouds. I don’t know if it went up, but I know she was too busy,” she said.

They were a great TV partner Photos: IG @galileamontijo @lilibrillanticoconductora

It was during the conversation that Maria del Roble Brillanti Ramirez, The artist’s real name was remembered when he had several altercations with him. GalileeThe driver also threatened to kill Lily.

Lily received threats

She revealed that she was very scared, as she was quite immature about how to walk in the middle and defend. businessman’s wife jesus japico He admitted that he probably does not remember to this day what happened about the fight that the two television presenters had

“It was like a threat to kill me,” he said.

Galilea is now a recognized host of Mexican television photographs: IG @galileamontijo

Ever since the “Vida TV” program ended, lily He revealed that when he came to her he always greeted her and sometimes Galilee He passed or pretended not to see the road; “It’s up to you to be educated.”

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