video | “Her Mouth Smells”: Ha*ash’s Ashley Reveals Her Worst Date Ever

Not everything is hunky-dory in romantic relationships and on occasion we kiss a few toads that end up not being Prince Charming, as it happened Ashley Day Ha*Ashowho talked about her worst romantic date ever in an interview with Pinky Promise, which inspired one of her latest singles.

So if you’ve already heard theme that ha*ash kenya sing next to dew We’ll tell you how it happened that one of the romantic interests of one of Mexico’s most admired pop singers became a real test for the interpreter “My Outing With You”,

according to the story ha* hope He was with Carla Diaz on one occasion, ashley Was on a date with a man who, despite showing all his stuff, was too stingy to pay the bill, which, however, didn’t disenchant the pop rep, but made him realize that there would be no fairytale end.

“There’s nothing worse than a clingy man and I’m not telling you that you have to buy stuff like that or take me to the coolest restaurant, but if we go to some tacos and your way to win is the clock.” Like and you pick me up in a really nice car and then all of a sudden the bill comes and (you say) ‘Then half?'” Ashley Day Ha*Asho,

In this sense, the interpreter of “Real X” assured that she liked men who wanted to conquer her by undermining the moon, sun and stars, for which this experience was a hard blow for her.

However the worst was when Upvoted mixed a bit of his drink with the singer so as not to pay for that drink, which turned out to be disappointing. Ashley Day Ha*Ashowho also assured that the subject “smells terrible from his mouth”.

This was the quote that inspired the song “Mi Salida Contigo”

Not to mention that the only thing the subject wanted to do was take a photo with her to make it appear on the social network, as if it were just one of the objects she wanted to show off.

but at the end of it funny romantic date A musical theme emerged that was appreciated by many fans and in which, Kenya dew She also decided to cover some of her bad experiences with love.

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