(VIDEO) Humberto Zurita finally talks about Stephanie Salas; Confirmed their romance?

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In recent weeks, rumors have surfaced that humberto jurita You Stephanie Salas They have a love affair, which is fueled by the actress’s mother, Sylvia Pascal.

Speculations of romance began when Christian Bach’s widower and Sylvia Pinal’s granddaughter arrived together at Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

After that moment, Salas was questioned by a group of journalists about it; However, he denied that he is dating Zurita. “Who says? […] People can say and doubt what they want,” he said.

The “100 Days to Fall in Love” actor was also approached by the media and asked about his alleged relationship with a former “MasterChef Celebrity” contestant and, especially upset, declared: “Rumours! I’m a fan of rumours. doesn’t answer.”

Although humberto jurita You Stephanie Salas Refusing to clarify the rumours, Sylvia Pascal made a statement on the program “Despirta America”, which was interpreted as a confirmation of the romance between her daughter and the actor.

The actress commented, “How nice (that they are together)! My Humberto is very handsome. He is a pimp and a gentleman, handsome, a good actor too, he would be a great father, because my daughter is also very beautiful ” He said, “How great that my daughter has a person like her! I think no mother would be sad to have that son-in-law.”

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Are Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas Dating?

As we have already mentioned, humberto jurita refused to talk to Mexican journalists about the rumors about the alleged courtship with her Stephanie SalasBut he did so with the Argentine media.

Emiliano and Sebastian Zurita’s father gave an interview to the program “Happy Moms”, in which he asked her about their love life.

“Are you in love again, are you in a relationship with anyone? Because portals in Mexico are already making you a couple with Steffi?” Host Andrea Chiarello questioned him.

Without denying or confirming anything, the celebrity replied: “I’m just going to tell you that Steffi (Salas) and I are having a great time, we’re having a great time.”

Three years ago, on February 26, 2019, Zurita suffered the loss of his wife Christian Bach, who died due to an illness that the actor did not and will not reveal.

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after the death of his wife, humberto jurita He stated on several occasions that he was not interested in a new relationship, not at all remarriage; However, he might be changing his mind now that he’s “having a good time” Stephanie Salas,

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