video | “I’m so scared”: Alfredo Adam reveals his attackers have a criminal record

one by one pair of men Alfredo defeating AdamThe former driver of which was terribly injured, a soap opera heartthrob, decided to take legal action against his attackers and although at first he said he was not afraid of retaliation, now his attitude has changed. .

It was in an interview with “Ventanendo” that alfredo adame decided to break the silence and revealed how the legal process was going on against those who allegedly sought to record the body of a man who was murdered a few meters from his house, a A version that the actor himself has denied.

“I hope he will be convicted. He has a criminal record, 45 year old was for drug dealing from 2008 to 2014 (in jail) and he had several previous investigations and 36 year old also has a criminal record and various Has been in jail for (crimes), though lesser than others.” alfredo adame,

Too, adame He explained that his entire trial has been executed according to due process, which is why he was able to learn more about criminal history of your attackersAn issue that in turn made him fear for his life.

Well, although at one point he said that he would go to the end results, no matter what, when he looked at all his criminal experiences of the people involved, his perspective changed completely.

“I’m not so afraid of them, I’m so scared because these people live, I mean I don’t want them to go out because they live 300 meters away from my house, it’s a gang of drug dealers who are well Known I was not really afraid of them (…), but I used to be there every day worrying at what time they shoot me,” he assured alfredo adame,

In respect of the damage caused by the assault, which the two persons gave to him, adame He admitted that he had suffered four fractures and possible loss of one eye, as he did not know whether his retina was detached, although he pointed out that if his optic nerve was not damaged, it could be affected.

This is how Adam was released after a beating near his house

about, alfredo adame He said he could only see about three percent after the collision, so he only saw shadows and movements with his right eye, which was most affected during this time. beating him,

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