video | In a bikini, Camilla Sodi sports a very special love that won her over on the beach

At the age of 36 and as the mother of two children, Camilla Sodi Take the time to combine your professional life with your personal life. Starting with this, it is that the actress usually gives time for her work projects to mature and give her space to promote them; But then, she has to go back to the part where she’s the mother. Fiona and Jerome Lunachildren with whom they were born Diego Moon.

When these aspects of your life are not so present, Camilla loves to run away from town And find a destination that fills you with joy, adventure and then the resulting relaxation. This is the reason that found on the beaches of mexico Or in other parts of the world where she feels complete and ready to conquer.

The latter was something that happened a while back on the beach and with the beauty Camila showing herself in a red swimsuit found something gentle creatures that crossed his path To fill her with love.

Camila Sodi enjoys the beach

In a video that she came to show on her social network, it is Camilla Sodi Share some of your sunny vacation. There Diego Luna’s former partner He met some funny little pigs who crossed his way to get many smiles and show their softest side, because when he saw them, he didn’t hesitate to approach them to play, caress and hug did, thus showing his most affectionate side with animals.

Some small and some big, but Sodi approached these animals and showed his pleasure to meet them, almost as if the two sides had fallen in love at first sight.

and then a romantic moment

After meeting the cute little pigs, Camilla also showed her share walking on the beach and how he swam in the sea for a while, giving confidence with this perfect silhouette that he has and Comfortable it gives the feeling of being in a bathing suit. some after chameleon who crossed his pathAnd even a strange fungus that he picked up from the sand.

The highlight of that occasion was a Romantic evening by the sunset of that beachWith an intense bonfire in front of her, which allowed her to wrap herself in its warmth to lie on the sand and enjoy a very special night for Camilla, who is a professional in her job, mother, friend and much more. Is.

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