video | In a bikini, Marjorie de Sousa and Marlene Favella have a beauty duel

Marjorie de Sousa and Marlene Favell, From the very beginning, one knows that something incredible will surely come out of this combination. villain and heroine, Each one with his fans who admire him every day through social networks or through the covers of magazines where he poses provocatively.

With a provocative outfit, with a perfect lingerie for everyone or with an overflowing obsession with bikinis, the beauty and impact of whatever clothes are chosen is well known, to win over those who see them. The main tool or weapon will be, always with the desire to impose one’s own style.

this is how they met face to face Soap opera “The Heartless”, where Marjorie Y Marlene There were many scenes with them and this was one of them where a pool united them and the best bikini was a legacy of thousands of fans.

Marjorie and Marlene in bikini

This, as explained, happened some time ago when the two starred in the telenovela “La Desalmada”, which featured them in opposite roles. At first, as great friends, but with a secret in them that will tear him apart.

It was when Marjorie and Marlene went into loungers and were seen in two bikinis with the pool in front of them that only raised the temperature of that chapter. With that situation, Marjorie’s villainy and Marlene’s noble intentions, it was very difficult to choose one or the other.

Eduardo Santamarina, the lucky man

was the luckiest person to be there in front of that pair of monuments to the beauty, within the telenovela and especially during that scene Edward Santamarina. In this sequence, Eduardo is Marlene’s passionate partner, but he has a secret relationship with Marjorie, so he can enjoy the love of one and the passion of the other.

Without a doubt, he was the luckiest on that recording and showed that when it comes to being in control of two such women, he is more than willing to offer advice.

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