video | In a bikini, Paty Manterola conquered TV at the age of 23 in “Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma”

He . was known to be related to Garibaldi, Being one of the most outstanding members of the group that emerged in the late 80s. Paty Manterola as a young woman full of talent and beautyIt did not take long to migrate to other projects and left the pop group in 1994. A year later, he would enroll in a television project that would give him a leading role. Telenovela “Acapulco, Body and Soul”.

with Heartthrob Saúl Lisazo as Partner and story co-stars, Paty Manterola showed herself at the age of 23 As one of the new figures on the show, in addition to everything else, there was a huge physical presence. Thus, leading this melodrama, she had to spend a whole month filming in the port of Acapulco, where bikinis and swimsuits were her best allies to win over an audience that fell in love with her.

Paty Manterola, Beach & Bikini

It was September 1995 and Paty Manterola premieres soap opera “Acapulco, Body and Soul” Under the production of brother of Jose Alberto Castro Veronica Castro, Was 23 years old at that time, The party had Saul Lisazzo In addition to the antagonistic repertoire of Chantal André, Guillermo García Cantu, as a loving co-star. Elsa Aguirre, Carla Alvarez and Cecilia Gabriella also performed there.

In this, Mantorola gives life to Lorena Garcia and David falls in love with Montalvo. With a large number of views out to sea, with many moments to enjoy the beach and the sun, Patti won over the masses. With this, she made it clear that despite having spent 27 years before that moment, she is practically as beautiful today.

What is the soap opera about?

David Montalvo is a successful businessman who enjoys prestige and social brilliance, plus his heroism allows him to have as many women as he wants. That success is celebrated and envied, because although she enjoys an excellent relationship with her stepmother Elena and her sister Cynthia, she is unable to relate to Elena’s son and her first husband, Marcelo.

Marcelo is jealous and hates David and plans to slowly snatch everything from his half-brother, Marcelo meets Lorena in Zihuatanejo, a fish seller who was in love with her until she fell in love with him, posing as his brother David. A few months later, they get married and it is when Marcelo causes an accident on the plane where David is traveling.

Marcello confesses the truth to Lorena, forcing her to be his ally, because what Marcello wants is for Lorena to present herself as David’s widow so that she can inherit all of his fortune and soon could marry her. David manages to survive and come back but he has partial amnesia so he feels that he has forgotten his relationship with Lorena. Slowly he comes to know everything and at the same time he falls in love with his wife Lorena.

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