video | In a bikini, Tania Rincon wore Nuestra Belleza México 2006 . paraded like this for

Today she is known as a driver who has also gone through the ranks of TV Azteca than Televisa. Presenter on the morning broadcast, knowledgeable about the sport and with a friendship that leads her happily into the homes of millions of Mexicans, Tania Rincon is one of them. Favorite faces of national TV in present.

But, as little is known, he started taking his first steps in competitions before driving. our beauty mexico, She took the opportunity when she was just 19 years old. It was here that Tania showed that she was a woman of qualities, who was able to attract attention easily and Capture the audience’s attention with every thought he could express. Similarly, the behavior with which he walked the catwalk attracted attention.

Tania Rincon parades at a beauty pageant

It was in 2006 that Tania Rincon represented the state of Michoacan. Our Beauty Mexico Pageant, since directed by Lupita Jones. In this, Tania was able to reach the semi-finals of the event and advance in her professional development, which later inspired her to study, prepare and get her first chances. broadcasts of tv azteca, The company that gave him his first solid opportunity in front of the camera.

With safety and courage. 19 years old, 1.71 m tall and with a wide smile, walked that catwalk of the event to know she knew what she was doing, something that over the years had propelled her to stand out at each of her events. with dark brown bikini and sexiness while walking, Tania Rincon looked like this in a swimsuit.

And today Tania looks like this

over the years and with various experiences TV, Rincon turns 35 today And looks almost identical to the moment of his youth that we have related. Of course, maturity accompanies him and friendship, humility and commitment have not stopped living with him.

Wearing a pretty green dress that reveals her curvy legs, this is what Tania Rincon looks like in this 2022.

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