video | In a white bikini, Barbara Mori was the queen of soap operas

At just 26 years old, Barbara Mori was already one of the most beautiful women in Mexico. As the heroine of the soap opera, the girl born in Uruguay took her career on television to the highest point with the protagonist telenovela “Ruby”, produced by Jose Alberto “El Guerro” Castro and where they were with him Edward Santamarina and Sebastian Rully cAs a participant in their love triangle.

to remember Barbara Mori andIt is knowing that there was no more beautiful and enigmatic actress on Mexican television at that time. With a mix of sexy and charming eyes, she was able to smile to captivate you or, if you weren’t careful, create a strange charm in you that you just couldn’t let go of.

Barbara Mori, As such, she found in Ruby a character that marked her in the world of melodrama, capable of doing anything with a cynical false heroine with an excess of a villain.

Barbara Mori wins bikini

with Soap opera “Ruby” As an excuse, the actress found a character who was able to do anything to achieve her goal, fulfill her desire for power and control people. Therefore, he knew that temptation was one of the main weapons to obtain it all.

This is how Ruby walked around the pool at her residence in a bikini, something that incidentally made her look fabulous and always maintained a perfect tan. Barbara Morick Therefore, she was the heroine of a telenovela, who looked best in that outfit, able to raise the temperature if she so desired.

and now she looks beautiful

18 years have passed since that stage of his life. with today At 44 years old, Barbara Mori is still a beautiful woman, One who has attained maturity in his actions over time and wisdom in his learning. none other than the girl you got overtaken look great in bikini But that doesn’t diminish the special beauty of her being and the impact with which she shows herself anywhere.

Mori now carries with him the characteristic of someone who has lived life and knows what he wants from it. so it looks like you Instagram account @delamori ,

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She is the sister of Barbara Mori who succeeded as an actress and is now forgotten.

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