video | In bikini, Ariadne Díaz loves to swim and take pictures in the lagoon

if there is some attribute for Ariadne Diazzo since it appeared on mexican tv 15 years ago, It is the special beauty that resides in it. With one of the hottest looks from the soap opera and a smile that melts thousands of fans, the actress has acted melodrama on television And with this, he managed to charm by standing in front of the camera.

On this occasion, Ariadne’s memory is for the Mexican soap opera. “with love”which he starred in 2010 under the production of Valentino Lanas angeli nesma For Televisa and as an adaptation for Venezuela “Me Gorda Bella”. From that melodrama, Ariadne gives life to Marianela Ruiz and Teresa Pavone and Victoria de la Garza Montiel.

There, Ariadne develops into a woman who beautifies her to look so beautiful that she is captured. Valentino Lanus Enjoying a swim in the lagoon.

Ariadne Wins In A Bikini

At 23 and in the best moment of her career at the time, Ariadne looked in a swimsuit or bikini in a way that would make you leave your mouth wide open, wondering how incredible it was to admire her on television like this . As one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation, Diaz was featured in an episode of the telenovela when she entered a lagoon and swam for a while, wearing only a bikini that covered her figure. Used to do

they fill it with pictures

The character of this occasion did not go unnoticed Valentino Lanas, Who didn’t hesitate to take their camera and capture the best angles of the Ariadne. In this way, there was a collusion between the two and after some insistence and shame, the best pictures of the girl in the water were obtained.

Thus Lanas himself entered the water with her and they indulge in a kiss that made the audience want to see the great couple fall more in love.

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Ariadne Díaz has crippled the network with a radical change and a tank top

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