video | In lingerie, África Zavala will make you sweat every time you see her

Afrika Zavala is one of the favorite actresses today From the world of Mexican television. At 37 and with the most recent 15 of these years devoted to making soap operas or TV series, the Mexico City-born girl is capable Just stand anywhere and smile and make eye contact, Something she has in common, as she spreads empathy and good humor in her own way.

It is this quality of his personality that makes him the perfect match for what a woman likes Africa that is able to look perfect in any aspecteither with lavish clothes, with costumes for their characters or, as is the case on other occasions, in Lingerie that raises the temperature and mood of its followers.

Africa Zavala steals the look in lingerie

For the occasion, it seems Africa Zavala feels more comfortable wearing lingerie in black tones or darker color combinations. In addition, Lace cannot be missing and all the details that help her look perfect, making the most of her appearance and demeanor, something that she takes care of herself with a tough training routine.

This was revealed in many scenes of “Caught Up” Series the same that he recorded in 2018 and where he lives Characters of Mariana Velasco and Luz Quintero. With some disbelief, she can be seen at times when she gets out of bed wearing a robe and the lingerie under it that catches her admiringly for a moment.

and also for your instagram fans

If Africa Zavala has something in the social network, it is that she likes to show a lot of her day-to-day in soap opera or series recordings, as well as her happiness with colleagues and family life. When it comes to pampering her most loyal fans, she does not hesitate to post a picture where she is seen on the beach or in her sexiest outfit.

Always with a smile and feminine sensuality in her best cover letter form, there have been occasions when the actress Give away postcards, even in lingerie, Where he proves his good taste and how good he looks with each of these outfits.

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From a dressing room, África Zavala turns on Instagram with a daring low-cut top

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