video | Ingrid Coronado in a bikini raises the temperature in Acapulco

At 48 years old and with the same friendship that has characterized him since his time Garibaldi, that’s Ingrid Coronado It remains valid as on the first day. It’s impossible not to admire her when you’re around her and, moreover, recognize her aspect as a writer as well as her success with your TV or radio shows.

Along with this it remains to remember that state Coronado where she was hosting the morning shows for TV Aztechighlighting for sure Joy come and Adding to Cut Knight’s other emissions. With this, Ingrid left enough material to remember him as one of the most entertaining and versatile presenters on Mexican television.

To add to this memory, it’s nice to visit the occasion when Ingrid Coronado picks her best bikini and walks the beaches of Acapulco With the sole intention of showing off her singular beauty.

Ingrid Coronado falls in love with you in a bikini

several women have gone through national tv To find the right formula that makes you laugh, have an amazing time and bring joy to your home. Some have been successful and in Ingrid Coronado’s case, it has happened consistently and memorably. As a presenter who is able to solve practically any challenge they face, born in mexico city didn’t hesitate to enjoy it A trip to Acapulco where he made the most of Guerrero’s portAdded to the beaches that have fascinated millions.

If it takes a little, the rest was to be seen Ingrid Coronado rocked one bikini after the best she could have looked A woman like him, with a sinuous silhouette and a face that is capable of capturing you in every smile that has escaped from her. If words seem few, it’s better to praise her and enjoy her in between poses, dances, and invitations to get to know her more.

and this is how it currently looks

With those 48 years already mentioned and it looks like she is 10 years younger, Ingrid Coronado remains at the fore of her profession. With the huge smile that characterizes her and enjoying excellent health and an attractive figure, Ingrid gives the happiness she took many mornings in the middle of 2022.

To add to its current reality, it has become more thoughtful and is quoting a sample of it here One of his favorite authors, Haruki Murakami.

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Ingrid Coronado is seductive in tight jeans and looks like a twenty

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