video | Issa Vegas in bikini and facing the ocean, claims she went to her first yoga class

Issa Vegas a is determined to lifestyle Keeps you healthy both physically and mentally. She does this after overcoming a traumatic episode in her life, as she suffered from anorexia, a disorder triggered by her obsession with becoming a famous catwalk model and the magazines devoted to the subject. However, fainting spells and hospitalizations helped her reflect, in addition to supporting her family.

Now, the Argentine is considered one of the world’s highest representatives Health, She herself has shared pictures where she was a Tuberose In his teens, but now that he has extensive knowledge, he is the owner of an enviable physique. Although many suspect that she has done some cosmetic surgery, she has always categorically denied it and attributed it to her routine at the gym.

Those who dare to look into her Instagram account may notice that Issa Vegas She is a young lady who puts a lot of effort into her training. Be it cardio or anaerobic, she always looks focused so that her every move is executed correctly and her muscles are perfectly toned. However, as already mentioned, she also takes care of her mind, which is why she’s already drawn to a very different discipline: yoga.

Issa Vegas attends her first yoga class

day to day isa vegas She is one of those women who can claim to have an exceptional physique, something that she did not get overnight. For this reason, she hits the beach as soon as she can, wearing multiple bikinis to model her Greek goddess body. This time it was no exception and from the beaches of miami, FloridaIn States America got included in He boasted of a blue color design that left everyone with square eyes.

The excuse of smiling at the camera was to inform his more than 9 million followers. instagram who have already attended their first yoga class. “What did they do today? I read them. I went to my first yoga class,” she wrote in the post, which garnered her more than 30,000 likes in a matter of hours and countless comments of her beauty and the love she felt . Him. ,

“What a beautiful view!”, “Apart from being my crush, you are my inspiration to continue in fitness”, “Wow wow there are no words to describe the beauty in an extraordinary and insanely beautiful woman who is in her form.” And be graceful with a smile”, “If I marry this woman, I give her my porch of the year, I give her my mansion in Beverly Hills”, were some of the comments sent to her Was

Issa Vegas shares her exercise routine on social networks (Photo: IG @issavegas)

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