video | Laisha Wilkins tries to seduce Raúl “El Negro” Araiza and this is what happened

Raul “El Negro” Araiza Has attained win the hearts of some women throughout his life. In addition, he himself admitted that in his young years he was a heartthrob not only in soap operas, but also in real life, where he did not hesitate to go after a love that gives him feelings. All this, of course, until he decidedly chose life as a couple and took strong roots with his ex-wife and mother of his daughters.

But, as life goes on, at one point he runs away in a charming presence, Impressive and sensual Laisha Wilkins, The one who was tall and handsome as ever made a special impression on the actor and now the main host of the Hoy program. Of course, this story happened when both historians ran Telenovela “A Hook to the Heart”delivers scenes that show a Laisha is obsessed with kidnapping Raul’s heart.

Laisha wants to seduce Rowley

This incident happened when Laisha Wilkins and Ral Araiza did a telenovela. starred in “A Hook to the Heart” (2008) where he gave life to Constanza “Connie” Lerdo de Tejada Moncada, The Mummy and Raul Arraiza to Roberto “Beto” Ochoa. Like a very disproportionately odd couple, Laisha becomes obsessed with Raul and so decides to ride to an office table and in between tries to surround him with her charms.

Thus, in order to make her his own with all her feminine potential, Laisha was decisive in the fact that she needed to keep it to herself, something that had an effect on Raul.

Did Laisha manage to seduce Raul?

The reality is that it took a little bit of work. Here, she tries to charm him with her charm and of that bachelorette party that she misses so much because she is close Marrying Mauricio, Sebastian Rulli’s character, As a villain eager to satisfy his bodily needs, Laisha sees how Raul doesn’t want to be with her and he slips out of her hands. Even if he is ready to give her all his beauty.

In the end, she vows to take him in her hand and create the intimate bachelorette party she really wants.

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