video | Laura G paralyzed the network with mini shorts and black top

Laura Go She is one of the most charismatic hosts on Mexican television, which has seen her participate in various television projects in which she, in addition to showcasing her talent and style, has also made a place in the hearts of the audience, even with great affection. Huh.

Therefore, it is not surprising that she has more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram alone, which does not miss the opportunity to fill her with compliments and admire her beauty, as happened with one. The sexy reel shared by the driver,

In the above audio-visual we can see one of Laura is looking It’s caused the most controversy over the past month because, in addition to being versatile, it has two garments that are on trend: a big coat and long boots.

Regarding coats, it should be mentioned that this fall, trends will lean toward styles that could be considered tomboy or masculine, which explains why shoulder pads and boots with chunky soles will rule during the season,

Although there is another type of footwear that will be quite present in this autumn 2022 have long boots, which can be paired with a minidress, skirt or shorts, as they did Laura Go,

In fact, the final combination of all clothing with which Laura G made this dress They are a complete success because, in addition to playing with solid colors, they also incorporate a print that helps create a contrast in the outfit.

Also, wearing lilac mini shorts, Laura Go Joins the trend of pastel colors, which is prevalent throughout the year.

Finally, another great success that must be acknowledged Beautiful host of “Venga la Alegria” It is her wise choice of discreet accessories that added a touch of glamor to her final ensemble.

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