VIDEO: Like Canelo, the time Christian Nodal touched his sister inappropriately

This week, Christian Nodal Following the controversy he recalled having acted after the recent breakup with his former partner Belinda, the songs that were both dedicated to each other and their messages WhatsApp that they posted on their social networks; Also, the video that a fan may have leaked shows the “Botella After Bottle” interpreter dancing very closely with her sister, like she did. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez With his daughter Emily Cinnamon in the XV years.

This detail caused all kinds of criticism from Internet users when the singer was at a family gathering. Almost at the end of the video and without warning, the singer squeezed his sister’s buttocks very hard, Joe Gonzalez Nodal.

Emily rarely shares her personal life on social media Photo: IG @amely.nodal

After this embarrassing moment, both of them left with a smile on their faces. Although this may sound like a joke by not giving more context to the video, the first reaction from some fans and haters was that the action would be unfair to relatives, moreover, it is believed that they may have done it. without their consent, even if they are of the same blood.

Through the popular social network, TikTok, where the video was circulated, people commented disapprovingly of the video’s action. Interpreter of “goodbye love” to your relative,

“Extremely strange, my brothers and I get along, but don’t touch us”, “Of course it’s not right, respect begins in your own family, what a shame”, “His sister likes it” didn’t come, it shows”, were some of the publications that read in disapproval of Nodal’s actions with his sister.

This isn’t the only scandal the artist has starred in. Photo: Exclusive

They defend Nodal about “grab”

Without a doubt, many fans defended the interpreter. “We are no longer and will not be” He explained that this type of action between siblings is completely normal and harmless, as it is a way for families to reconcile.

The moment Nodal grabs his sister’s butt Photo: Exclusive

“It depends on how they get along; it makes me awkward, but I know brothers who do it and X, they don’t do it out of malice”, “I’ve tried to upset my brother.” done for, in no other sense, relax a good”, were some of the comments that read defending the artist.

Does Nodal get along with Emily?

It should be noted that the video created a lot of controversy due to the alleged inappropriate touching where her sister gave a clarification through her Instagram account stating her position on her relationship with her sister and others commented on it. had no right to do so.

This was explained by his sister on the social network. Photo: IG @amely.nodal

Similarly, Nodal has spoken about the relationship with his parents, his younger brother, in various media. alonsoand especially Which one?who has been with him for three years.

Christian’s relationship with his sister is so close that he decided to get her name tattooed on his calf in 2021; “I love you ‘amnita’ @amely_gn,” he wrote on his account.

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