video | Maria Chacon and the bikini with which she attracts attention in the telenovela “Cabo”

maria chacono One of the actresses who started her career with children’s soap operas from a very young age, she has now gained popularity thanks to social networks, where she has become a fashion and style benchmark for her looks, with which he surrounds himself. pagan figure, something that he also does with his participation”Cabo“Where it catches the eye with colorful and small bikini,

actress, 31 years old, Shares details of his personal life and new projects with his followers, such as Soap opera “Cape” The production marks his return to the small screen after concentrating on theater under the production of Jose Alberto “El Guerro” Castro. in this he shares the credit Reslie’s BarbaraMathias Novoa, Diego Amojurutia, Mar Contreras, Eva Cedeno and Rebecca Jones.

Paradisiacal Beach Baja California Suri have seen the beauty of maria chaconobecause it’s in Los Cabos and La Paz where there are some scenes telenovela While the young actress takes advantage of the sun’s rays to tan, flaunting her curvy figure with swimsuits manages to inspire her fans and release a wave. Flattery With which they highlight their natural charm.

As per the statements of Maria Chacon, she does not undergo any rigorous diet or strict exercise routine to achieve her impressive figure; However, on Instagram he has shown that he practices “barre”, a discipline that has many benefits as it combines dance, ballet, yoga and pilates to burn fat, reduce stress, tone muscles and increase elasticity. helps in. other things.

Maria Chacon shows her figure in the telenovela “Cabo”. Photo: IG @officialmariachacon

Other Movies-TV Shows with Cinematography by Maria Chacano

Originally from Ensenada, Baja California, she found her passion in acting at a very young age and started her career in 2000 in a few commercials. Her talent immediately attracted attention and opened doors for important projects such as the reality show “Codigo FAMA”, where she also showed her singing abilities.

She later joined the cast of the telenovela “Mission SOS” with the character of Chopis and shared credits with celebrities such as Diego Boneta, Maribel Guardia, Alison Loz, Ernesto LaGuardia and Miguel Martínez. This has been one of his most outstanding roles and with which he remains in the public memory.

Maria Chacon studied acting in New York. Photo: IG @officialmariachacon

For some time, he moved away from the limelight to study acting in New York and specialize in theatre. However, after resuming his career and participating in other shows such as “¡que madre tan padre!”, “Peregrina” and “La Rosa de Guadalupe”, as well as participating in the soap opera “A Refuge for Love”. It was not long before. He also shone in the staging of “Lies, Music” and in the series “Say Renton Cuartos”.

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Maria Chacon seduces the gym in a black dress

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