video | Maria Felix dances the Seven Veils to hypnotize men

Film History of Maria Felix Dozens. was written from movies shot in mexicoAs well as in other parts of the world. With France as one of his favorite destinations to live in, a woman She found a series of opportunities in this country and its film industry, which led her to appear in four films, which notably left out one where Felix stood out with a character who left epic moments.

“French Cancun” is a French musical film written and directed by Jean Renoir in 1954and starring Jean Gabin and Maria Felix. Maria shines in it The Role of Lola De Castro And, as can be seen in the images of that time, she danced to catch the eyes of men.

Maria Felix dances the Seven Veils

With a life span of 40 years and looking at an outstanding stage of his career, Maria Felix was cast to play the role of Lola de Castro, The woman who was able to stand out on stage and win over men with her presence always knew that her captivating dance was able to hold her back.

With a wardrobe that showcases the perfection of her silhouette, Maria Felix’s fair skin contrasts with the colorful outfits which he took with him. In addition, each development revealed the hours of rehearsal in each choreography that La Donna performed for the film, released in 1954.

What is the movie “French Cancun” about?

Henri Danglard (Jean Gabin) is a licensed man of Parisian nightlife, who owns a showroom in which Lola de Castro (Maria Felix), a belly dancer, performs. Since the business is not profitable, Henry decides to try an old-fashioned dance, Cancun, opening a new establishment, the Moulin Rouge.

While recruiting a group of dancers, Danglard falls in love with Ninny (François Arnoul), a sweet girl who works as a laundress and even more so with Danglard, who had a jealous boyfriend. But the prince of a small nation also falls in love with Nini so much that he tries unsuccessfully to commit suicide without getting revenge.

Danglard’s financial difficulties come to an end when the prince buys the Moulin Rouge in her name and assigns the job to Nini, after which he returns to his homeland due to his father’s serious illness. A rivalry breaks out between Nini and Lola, and a series of events begin in the days before the opening of the famous cabaret, which then continues with success.

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