video | Marlene Favella dances reggaeton like a goddess with everything and intense pereo

more than two decades ago marlene favell Emerged in the field of Mexican soap operas and has not lost public affection since then. This is largely due to his charisma and ability to capture the attention and affection of the audience; Then there’s that Marlene knows how to enjoy the years in each project and shows that she’s one of the long-lasting beauty ladies in front of the small screen, that time only makes her better.

and as an example that today, for them 45 years old, still looking so radiant and charming As in the past. it’s actually the memory of the past that gives us marlene favellWith that occasion in 2005 when she proved to be a dance goddess, especially reggaeton.

Marlene left the mouths of millions open as you never saw her.

marlene favela dance reggaeton

This was back in 2005, when Marlene Favela starred in Telenovela “Against the Wind and the Tide” with Producers Nicandro Diaz and Sebastian Rulli By his side. For that occasion, he visited Christina Sarlegui as Adriana Fonseca and actress Azzella Robinson, He completed the panel.

In a few commercial breaks, Marlene was challenged to dance reggaeton. style that was at that time in its first phase of maximum apogee Daddy Yankee, Don Omar Or the duet that played when she stopped dancing: Visin and Yandel. With the sound of “rakta”, Favella didn’t hesitate, facing his track partner and letting himself move like a charm.

With everything and pereo, incredible!

This memory was complemented by Marlene Favela Dancing Reggaeton To Perfection That sound lifted the audience from their chairs and raised the temperature by dancing to the rhythm imposed on them, first like a lambda and then with intense perio where she patted her back and showed how to dance when it came to dancing. So she does not limit herself, no, she doubts and always tries her best.

In the end, Marlene really enjoyed that dance and left her soap opera partners open-mouthed. In the same way, she was cast as one of the sexiest Mexican actresses of the time, still as beautiful as ever today.

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