VIDEO: Maya Nazor impresses with baile de TikTok en escotado mini negro dress

The influencer Maya Nazor gained popularity because of its relationship with the rapper Santa Fe Klanwith whom it is supposed to have ended their courtship, however, continues to be one of the most famous in the nets, and confirms it with their looks impactswith those that highlight its curvilinear silhouette, as shown in the last publication TikTokthe platform in which it appeared in one videos con un escotado mini negro vestido,

Maya and Angel Quezadathe singer’s real name began their relationship in August 2021, when the musician organized a big event in Guanajuato, his natal status, so that the influencer would accept leaving with him. With huge plushies and even artificial fires, he asked the creator of the content that he had been his girlfriend and then formed a family with the arrival of little Luka, however, now they would be separated, until some of the moments they had been explained. motives.

Maya Nazor se luce en coqueto mini negro dress

Although the creator of the content had a large number of followers on digital platforms such as Youtube, his relationship with the rapper made him gain popularity, reaching up to 4.3 million fans at the moment. Instagramthe number that continues to increase due to the fact that the young woman is very admired by her beauty, charisma and great style that in more than one occasion has been presumido with atrevidos looks.

“Es good luck save this video”, wrote maya to accompany videos which shared in his official account TikTokwhich has 6.7 million followers, and more than 90 million “likes”, images with images that make an impact on the world escotado mini negro vestidopiece modern and juvenile with the one that captured the eyes by its design of multiple cuts and amarres with the ones that let some of its skin.

Nazir has demonstrated to be very attached to his family, mainly his sisters Ximena and Farahwith those who for a few months made a dynamic of questions and answers to find out how much they know, and in recent weeks they have been on vacation, have attracted many glances among the three young people, from the curious and revelatory students who lit up from the beaches of Quintana Roo .

The influencer assumes her curves in a revealing look. Photo: TK @nazormaya

Maya Zepeda Nazor, full name of the creator of the content, es originaria de Cuernavaca, Morelos. He is currently 23 years old and according to what can be read in various media, he is the mayor of four brothers, two of them sons and other relations with his father. From a very young age, he showed interest in the media, which led him to create his own YouTube channel, with which he became a prominent influencer.

La now expareja del singer, began in the world of social networks on the platform of videos, where he shared clips expressing his feelings and containing details of his day by day. Over time, he showed another type of content, which led him to gain millions of followers. While the rapper started his career with the duet “Santa Fe Klan” in 2013 with Chato 473. Between 2017 and 2018 the group dissolved, and the performer of “Así Soy” kept the name.

Maya impresses with her style of atrevido. Foto: IG @nazormaya

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