VIDEO: Maya Nazor melts TikTok with bold dance and see-through dress

Maya Nazor blindfolded the social network during the last hours because Published a video with which she ruined all her beauty, sensuality and style Well, it turns out that the young influencer was recorded doing a daring dance in a stunning outfit, with which he left his fans speechless, which turned into a flattering ode to his girlfriend Santa Fe KlanWho was able to confirm herself as one of the most beautiful women in the entire entertainment industry in Mexico.

It was through his official Tiktok profile where Maya Nazori Published the video in question, aimed to . was none other than Delights the disciple of his more than six million followers on the said platformWhere she stands out thanks to her striking beauty and developed sense of fashion.

For the video in question, the beautiful 23-year-old blonde was recorded from one of the rooms of her luxurious mansion and as for the outfit she was wearing, it was a Long dress fitted in pink and animal print and that the garment had no neckline or any other cut that could highlight the model’s attractiveness, however, the dress was made from an extremely thin fabric which certainly produced transparensis And because of this the underwear she was wearing could be seen below.

for the trend that joined Maya Nazir, It was a lip sync to a reggaeton song, which he complemented with A dance that was more than enticing to its thousands of followersJoe, as mentioned earlier, was full of admiration for the girlfriend of the Santa Fe Klan.

“You Are a Dream”, “Every Day More Beautiful”, “A Whole Chocolate”, “Simply Divine”, and “A Queen” There were few to read in the publication of Maya Nazor, which, as of the cut of this writing, has already accumulated nearly 200 thousand likes and over 1.8 million reproductions.

Maya Nazor is a phenomenon in social networks. Photo: IG: Nzormaya

sober maya nazor

Maya Nazor is 23 years old and going through an extraordinary moment of his life because on one hand One of the most successful influencers and launches within social networks While she is quite famous for her exceptional beauty and developed sense of fashion, however, she has also shown that She is enjoying her motherhood to the fullest Well, photos and videos with Luca have become a recurring element in her different profiles and as if that wasn’t enough, she has also shown that she is more in love than ever with the Santa Fe Clan, whose romance gave him a significant boost to fame.

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