VIDEO: Maya Nazor shows off her silhouette by dancing in a mini skirt with a bold opening

young, flirtatious and courageous, There are few words that can define the style of Maya Nazir, who has become a fashion icon for many women who find her a source of inspiration, as she believes trendy look, Thus on Wednesday when she shared on her social network a video in which she modeled mini skirt with opening Doing some dance steps.

girlfriend of Santa Fe Klan Being very active on its digital platform, instagram You TIC Toc Her favorite, because in the first she shows off the most innovative outfits like fitted dresses and high-waisted pants, with which she defines her mini waist; While in a social network made in China, he joins the trends, just as he did yesterday when he danced “The Jockey, Mission 08“By Alan Gomez and La Joaqui, a topic that is very popular on that site.

Maya Nazor dances in a TikTok trend Photo: Special

Maya Nazor shows off her silhouette with cut out style

Like most of the time, I23 year old influential person won over his fans with his movements, for which he received more than 150 million “likes” y Hundreds of comments, notable among them: “Super beautiful”, “Beautiful”, “You look so beautiful” and “I love you”. Apart from her bubbly dance steps, Maya stood out for her cut out set who pretended to curved shape And check again why it is a fashion reference for young people.

couple the interpreter of “I am here” joined the famous show a slit dressA trend that became very popular during the summer, but still persists in the first days of autumn. Opinion revealed group With a print that mixes red, orange, pink and black, a . is made of top with a deep V necklinewell as asa mini skirt with cut on one side of the hip.

The apparel allowed the content creator to show off her fabulous figure, which she has recovered since becoming a mother luka, soor son Angel Quezada, Rapper’s real name Despite the fact that many women find it difficult to lose some shape after pregnancy, Maya seems to have not found it difficult, as it may be due to the fact that the young woman relies on a modeling girdle, The secret to shrinking her mini waist, which has become one of her biggest.

Maya Nazor shows off top and mini skirt set IG @nazormaya

Santa Fe Clan girlfriend shows off trends

in your account instagramwhere he has over 3.9 million followers, Maya Nazori repeated her outfit to show her in detail, so it turned out that Thanks to the ribbon joined the skirt which allowed her skin to see a bit, making this piece something daring and sensual, Perfect for young ladies who want to look attractive, but at the same time modern and very chic,

with the phrase “let’s face life together“, the influencer shared a few pictures where dressed her up From your luxurious home. Fans were delighted with the outfit, so in addition to giving it over 250 thousand “likes”, they wrote compliments such as “La Mas Bella”, “How Beautiful You Are Maya”, “My Most Beautiful Guerrita” and “Precious”. “, to mention a few of the hundreds of comments.

Santa Fe Klan girlfriend conquers IG cut out style @nazormaya

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