VIDEO: Maya stuns the net with a gorgeous lilac top and skinny jeans

nothing better than making fans happy sensual bellyas you did Maya NazoriWho once again showed that in addition to being beautiful, he has a corpse body, Which can move at any speed. That’s why he shared a video TIC Toc with which they celebrated which almost rises 6 million followers On the social network where she usually shares her best outfits and steps. This time she did it with Jowell & Randy’s song “Toro.” She chose to wear a flirty lilac top and some classic blues to make the clip. fitted jeans, The garments had their well worked anatomy and were well taken care of cabello extra tall blonde

In less time publication She added almost 39 thousand “likes” and her followers left many comments thanking the little gift that the beautiful pattern I hate them. With kind and flattering words he let go santa fe klan couple The admiration they feel for him. For her part, the influencer reciprocated the affection by greeting people who asked her, she also revealed that she’s in cancun, Quintana Rs. In the comments left by her fans, in which they tell her that she is perfect, beautiful and doesn’t even look like she has stood out yet. breast,

“Most beautiful mom???”, commented one of her followers.

The model celebrated by adding sobs to the stage. Photo: Screenshot.

and that great body The one who is full is worthy of praise, because it was only on June 30 that she became the mother of little ones. Luke And soon after giving birth she showed that her figure would remain the same as beautiful He always. Some people say that Maya has become a reality plastic Surgery However, for that angelic face and infarct anatomy, influential person He assures that everything is natural and he does not have to resort to a scalpel, as he continues”beauty ritual”,

Maya Nazori showed off his skills content creator since his teens, because at the age of 17 he youtube, At present, at the age of 23, he has 33 lakh followers on his account. instagramBut the staggering amount is almost double tick tickbecause there he expresses his passion belly,

The rapper and influencer shared several pregnancy moments with her followers. Photo: Facebook, Santa Fe Klan.

From August 2021, its Relationship with one of the most important exponents of tap on Mexican: Santa Fe Klan, Since that moment they have shared with their respective followers amoro, after announcing that they would be father’s The two shared some of the sweetest moments of pregnancy,

Youth pattern a clear sign that you may be a good madre and continue doing activities that you are passionate about, something that you followers,


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