VIDEO: Natalia Tellez Shows More In “Netas Divinas” That’s How Her Dress Deceives Her

Beautiful host of the program”divine leader, Natalia Tellezzo She had nothing more to show after suffering an accident with her outfit which went unnoticed, as television cameras also had to capture the reactions of her peers as she fixed her look. .

It was in 2018 when the 36-year-old presenter took a turning point in his career to join the television program uniqable ,divine leaderFrom that moment on, he has established himself as one of the most important figures, so practically everything he does and says steals the limelight in the entertainment industry.

In this sense, in his recent appearance on the program, Natalia Tellezzo He again gave her something to talk about and not precisely because of a statement from her, but because of the betrayal she suffered from her looks which left nothing to teach her more in full transmission.

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Natalia Tellez teaches more

On 10 November, during the recent broadcast of “divine leader“, Natalia Tellez stole the camera and everyone’s eyes when her outfit betrayed her in front of all her peers, sparking different reactions among the audience.

come to know Natalia Tellezzo – “Programa hoy” and “Who is the mask?” The former host of – was talking about her beautiful relationship with her daughter, when suddenly her dress unfolded from the front and part of her belly and her chest were exposed.

In the images transmitted in the program we see Paola Rojas and Galilea Montijo, also the hosts of “Leader Divinas”, express their astonished faces when they see that their partner had an accident with their looks. He for his part took it with good sense and began to adjust the garment. You can see the exact moment from 9 minutes.

Natalia Tellez and Her Legacy on TV

at the age of 36, Natalia Tellezzo She is considered one of the most successful television hosts in the country, thanks to the outstanding work she has done as a presenter and an actress. A major part of his career has been on Telehit, Televisa and Unicable.

Some of his most outstanding collaborations were in the telenovela “Rebelde”, as the host of “Program Hoy”, and as a presenter on the reality show.Who’s the mask?“In addition, on social networks, she also has thousands of followers who surrender to her talent and beauty.

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