VIDEO: Nolia says goodbye to Instagram bold transparency outfit

Over the past few hours, Noelia’s fans were surprised to learn that the singer’s official account on Instagram no longer exists, however, as the businessman and model already announced What is the platform on which you will continue to waste beauty and sensuality without any restrictions? And for this he showed his charm in a daring see-through dress This earned her dozens of compliments which confirmed her as one of the most beautiful women in the entire entertainment industry in Mexico.

It was through his official Facebook profile where Noelia confirms that her Instagram account has been suspended and although he didn’t mention the details It is believed that the reason for the sanction was a violation of the rules of coexistence of the said social network due to its burning publications, However, instead of opening a new account, the Puerto Rican decided to change the stage and announced that from now on it would ruin sexuality. “”.

“My Instagram account was canceled, all the content you enjoyed there you will find it for free on “Celebriphy”, it’s free! I’ll be waiting for you on Celebriffy” Noelia is heard saying that in the background she can be seen ruining her sensuality from the balcony of a luxurious room which had a splendid view, however, the thing that grabbed the most attention was thatand he could only be seen wearing a bra and a pair of stockingsWhich, due to the nature of the fabric from which they were made, produced some transparency that revealed all their charm.

After the news of Noelia, hundreds of fans mourned, however, her most ardent fans did not waste time and immediately She turned to the new platform where adult film actresses would also publish all their content.

Noelia consistently defied Instagram censorship. Photo: IG: noeliaOfficial

At the moment, it is unknown whether Noelia’s decision will be a temporary measure or if her departure from Instagram will be certain, however, only one thing is certain. Noelia is a very courageous woman who is not afraid of change or challenges, Hence a new breakthrough in his career is predicted after coming to this new social network.

Currently, Noelia is 43 years old and going through one of the best moments of her career as In addition to being an event in social networks Thanks to the fact that it has a presence on various niche content platforms, it has also shown that He is already focused on a new phase of his aspect as a vocalist, as everything seems to indicate that he will venture into the band genre, It is therefore expected that he will return to the success he achieved in the early 2000s, when he was listed as one of the greatest figures in the pop genre.

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