VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar meets Angela’s double and this is how he reacted

During the stoppage of the “Jarippio Without Borders” tour, Pepe Aguilar had a very special meeting, At one point the singer expressed “I see double” as she met what is supposed to be His daughter ngela Aguilar. double of And his reaction was one of admiration when he recognized the incredible resemblance he had with the singer.

“I Didn’t Know I Had a Lost Daughter in Monterey”

This was Pepe Aguilar’s expression when he saw That his daughter ngela Aguilar at the door of his dressing room. one person appeared equal to, is about Jesus Adrian Gonzalez, a 20-year-old from Monterrey, Nuevo LeonWhich impressed her more, “She is more beautiful than you … the truth” said the interpreter of “fear” looking at her daughter.

Angela Aguilar found out about Adrian’s existence when she saw a video, where he imitated her at a children’s party. on that occasion The singer’s reaction was astonishing to see how she performed while interpreting her songsI later, In March of this year they met in MonterreyWhen the interpreter of “Disguised by” visited that city in one of his lessons.

Angela and Pepe Aguilar fulfill a fan’s dream. , Instagram photo

Meeting with Pepe Aguilar

Now on the “Jaripio Without Borders” tour, There was a stop in the capital of Nuevo LeónSo Angela takes advantage of the stay so that Adrian can visit his father., It was a very pleasant meeting where Pepe Aguilar did nothing but praise who considered his daughter’s double for his interpretation of his daughter who also urged him to give a good explanation so that He was well represented by his imitators.

Finally, the meeting concluded with Pepe Aguilar’s “You are really beautiful”, in addition to praising his work, in which Adrian replied with thanks and asked for a picture of the three of them together to seal the meeting.,

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