VIDEO: Shakira was seen holding the hand of handsome young man, this is the coach who can become her new partner

It is known that since the break between the singers was announced shakira and former footballer estrangementThe paparazzi have not shied away from both figures at any time, leading Gerrard to even threaten to sue the press for disseminating information about his life.

known from this point of view shakira She has fared a bit better in front of the media, as she is also working hard on her singing career and has recently collaborated for a song. ozunaWith whom she also recorded a video clip, which has led to speculation that the 45-year-old actress may be trying to turn the page and forget what happened to Piqué, something she could achieve in the arms of someone else. Footballer.

International media say that since Piqué decided to make a public appearance with his new partner, that the lovers started to reach the interpreter of “La Bicicleta” in numbers and still the dissemination of photographs in which the mother of sasha why Milan Next to a very handsome young man who will be the surf coach of a successful woman born in Barranquilla.

The man with whom Shakira was seen holding hands

The famous artist left behind his scandalous separation with the footballer and the images that were now circulated by the journalist Jordi Martin They relate her directly to her surf instructor from Paradisiacal CantabriaBecause it is known that it is one of the favorite sports of the singer, who was previously seen with the young blonde in the month of June.

It is not the first time that the interpreter of “Pies descalzos” visits the beaches of Cantabria, because years ago he did it, accompanied by Piqué, who announced at the time that he would pursue his new passion: surfing. supports. Something that he took out of the water and showed off his skills with a surfboard.

In the images you can see very close the famous young man, with whom their happiness is visible, as there are photographs where they smile and there are also snapshots where the physical contact between the two can be appreciated, as there is a photograph in which they can be seen holding hands. At the moment the interpreter of “Las de la Intución” has not spoken about it.


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