VIDEO: The Exact Moment When One of Pepe Aguilar’s Children Hurts Him and the Singer Screams in Pain

inside the music scene MexicoOne of the greatest and most beloved exponents is José Antonio Aguilar Jiménez, known only as Pepe Aguilar, who stood out from the first years of his life as he is the heir to the talents of Mr. Antonio Aguilar and Mrs. Flor Sylvester. . For which Mexican music has always been present in their environment and now this is something that the singer promotes, as it is known that the husband of Anáneliz lvarez instilled a passion for the arts in all of their children, but now his younger Angela And Leonardo is both part of that.

However, it should be remembered that Pepe has four children: Emiliano, Anneliese, Leonardo and AngelaTo whom he does not hesitate to express his love, the oldest of whom is Emiliano, who is the product of his relationship with Carmen Trevino, the interpreter of “Por Mujeres Como Tu” facing press and harsh questions after being arrested. Had to do As for human trafficking in the United States, however, these disputes are now past and Pepe is enjoying his family to the fullest.

This member of the Aguilar dynasty hurt Pepe

In addition to his children, one of the members who has shown a great place in the heart Pepe Aguilari It’s “El Gordo”, his black pug who stole the attention of fans of all the members of the Aguilar dynasty with his weird outfits and videos shared on the network and it’s exactly this cute little animal that has grabbed attention because Patriarch of the dynasty on more than once aguilar has confirmed that he wants his puppy as a member of his family.

His pet pug, known as “El Gordo”, actually has an Instagram account, which in addition to having over 7 thousand followers and is actually so closely related to the pug that there are images of members of the lineage. Puppy walks even in a stroller, as they treat him like a baby brother family,

Now on social networks, attention has been drawn to the spread of a video in which the exact moment in which the youngest member of the Aguilar family can be seen, namely “thick”, Bit Pepe Aguilar and shouted at him in pain, this was at the time when the puppy was just a puppy, so it can be assumed that his teeth were just growing, which would have caused intense pain to the singer.


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