video | The test that will confirm that Maite Peyronie is pregnant

It’s not much that the media spotlight of Mexican show business shone brightly during the wedding of Matt Peroni and Andrés Tovar, The famous couple celebrated their engagement in one of the most exclusive venues in Valle de Bravos in the state of Mexico.

The couple continued to attract attention due to the incredible publications the couple shared on social networks, Maite Peroni was in charge of publishing exclusive photos of their honeymoon Andres Tovar, All this was an event that caught the interest of fans of the lovely couple.

in present Actress who was part of the cast of “RBD” subject to possible pregnancy speculationit’s not a good thing because About a year ago the couple was said to be expecting their first childRumors that the couple denied through a press conference they gave after their wedding, However, recently new information has appeared that confirms Maite Peyronie’s pregnancy.

The famous couple celebrated their engagement in one of the most exclusive venues in Valle de Bravos
credit: Instagram @maiteperroni

Lily Cabanas announced that she is famous in the first months of pregnancy

She was a famous entertainment reporter, Lily Cabin Who confirmed the pregnancy of the actress Maite PerroniThe reporter remarked that she was in an ABC hospital when the actress accidentally entered the premises with clothes that “hidden” her pregnancy.

“I was at ABC hospital, she was coming, obviously she came quickly … I didn’t know whether to leave the doctor, go after her, but my way was to wait … She was in her typical coat She arrived with clothes that covered her and so on, but it was clear she was pregnant.” Commented it will report in a video on youtube

Lily Cabanas confirms that Spoke to a hospital staff who confirmed that the actress is three to four months pregnantThe news has undoubtedly shocked the specialized media, however. The couple has not yet made any statement on the subject.

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