video | This was the time when Juan Gabriel and Don Ramon met to sing together

John GabrielEl Divo de Juarez and . is referred to as Mr. RamoniFrom Chavo del 8, there were two great figures of Mexican cinema and music. Remembered by many because of their tragic death, the two stood out on television, they even sang together.

The singer’s beginning was not easy, as she had to search for doors until she became one of the most famous singer-songwriters in Latin America. for its part, Ramon Valdes He was part of the Mexican Golden Cinema era and starred in over 50 films, he was also the brother of Tin Tan and “Loco” Valdés, a family distance of comedians and actors.

It was cinema that brought these two television figures together, as the first John Gabriel Became the star of the Mexican regional, he sang a duet with “Don Ramón”.

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Juan Gabriel and Don Ramon Duet Together and You Hadn’t Noticed

These two legends coincided”in this spring”, a 1970 Mexican film starring Juan Gabriel, whose synopsis follows the life of the singer, who falls in love with Paloma, a journalism student she met in an interview. However, his family members oppose their relationship.

Juan Gabriel and Don Ramone Sung together during one scene, Divo de Juárez plays himself and performs a version of “Nothing or None”. Ramon Valdes is one of the hotel’s waiters, who starts singing the chorus with the singer as soon as he hears the song.

Undoubtedly, a very emotional and nostalgic moment for fans of the time, who were able to enjoy the interaction between these two stars.

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