VIDEO: Wearing a silver mini dress from behind, Nolia landed on the net

Noelia is one of those personalities who always sigh He launched you with his social media posts and this time through his Instagram profilen video that grabs everyone’s eyes with silver mini dress, that dazzle To his followers who reaffirmed their admiration for the singer.

“Hitting Hard”

With the background of his single “Pegando Fuerte”, The Puerto Rican native dazzles with a fitted silver mini dress that outlines the contours of her statue. we can see in the clip Noelia turns a blind eye to the window from behind, then smiles at the cameraThere we can appreciate his distinctive smile, and thus he moves around the room. an attitude that captivates,

Noelia steals a sigh. , Instagram photo @noeliaofficial1

Nolia’s look is back, you can see that the gold-coloured dress fits snugly on her outer body, high heels, in the same color as his clothes, whatever they show off their good working feetOverall we can say that wooed his more than 219 thousand Instagram followers,

Noelia turns up the heat with fishnet stockings and leather boots

From Street and Westing Style, Noelia was seen in a picture she shared with her fans on her alternate Instagram account, well, remember that Their official user was suspended a few days agoHowever, this did not stop the singer from pampering her followers as she did with her Most recent publication in which she wore fishnet stockings and boots Leather, the image with which the temperature rose and fell in love. ,

Singer’s real name is Noelia Lorenzo Monge originally from Puerto Rico, began his music career in the late 90s, gaining much fame with songs such as “Tu”, “Te amo”, “Clawme tu amor”, “Como dule” and the classic “Candela”. Today, at the age of 43, she has become a successful businessman in various fields, ever since dedicated not only to the music industrySince it has forayed into the world of network applications, luxury car sales and cabaret.

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