Video: Yordi Rosado kisses Dwayne Johnson “La Roca” during an interview

If in last week’s show yordi rosadoHis audience was impressed by the quality of the interviews he had with the comedian.”Pacifier“He was left with a square eye after bowing himself in front of one of the most popular artists all over the world this Sunday: Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Speaking entirely in English (although he was heavily criticized), the two had a pleasant conversation and touched on a few topics, in this case not many people liked, as they only gave him 30 minutes of his valuable time. .

Driver assures he is a big fan of the former fighter WWE and questioned it from various points in their lives, something that Internet users interpreted as an attempt to make love “let her cry”, because he has already refined himself in order to sensitize his guests and make them shed some tears. In this case, the actor recalled the occasion in which he and his family had to be evicted for not being able to pay the rent, an experience that gave him the courage to move on and never again. Didn’t have to pass

In addition, request yordi rosado tried to touch the heart of Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” After showing him a picture when the famous was 11 years old. Although his primary reaction was one of surprise, he later said that all he needed now was a “bra” because he was a bit overweight. However, he assured Internet users that from that moment on he saw himself as a champion, because he had a belt. Wrestling,

Similarly he also gave them a picture of his daughters Jasmine You Tianawho is the love of his life. Among them, he expressed that he promises that he will always take care of them and protect them with his hands. Likewise, he assured that he would love them for the rest of his life, even when “he is walking among the clouds above.”

Yordi can’t stand it and Dwayne Johnson asks “The Rock” for a kiss.

being a busy person Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” gave my 30 minutes to yordi rosado for an interview. Although it was too little time for many, the truth is that it was enough. In this case, the driver could not stand it and expressed all his admiration for his work in front of the cameras and behind them, as he is a kind, calm person who takes care of himself.

Yordi Rosado and Dwayne Johnson “La Roca” laugh and kiss each other on the cheek (Photo: Screenshot)

Yordi Rosado told Fighter, “Thank you so much for all your time. I’m your fan, but now you have a new friend in Mexico too, thank you very much.” Gave him a sincere kiss on the cheek “Brother, I really appreciate it. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he replied. However, it seems that the former Big Brother got more than excited and said, “Let me give you a kiss too” and launched him as a teen.

Without clarifying a word, Dwayne Johnson could only say “thank you” to “The Rock” and the two laughed at the awkward moment. “We kissed,” said the actor promoting the film “Black Adam,” which is for him one of the most important films of his career.

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