Vince McMahon’s possible return worries WWE backstage

In the past few hours, a new report from the Wall Street Journal has rekindled public interest. Allegations made against Vince McMahon, During 2022, former WWE Chairman They were targeted for making tacit agreements He misbehaved with various female employees, and others that point directly to rape,

One of the highlights of this report noted Vince McMahon’s possible regret for his retirement Last July 2022. WSJ verified through people close to it that the former activist He might be looking for a way to make his way back to WWE After “getting bad advice from close people”.

The news hasn’t stopped WWE backstage, where it seems There is a unanimous opinion of not seeing Vince McMahon in office Again. fighter selection Checked anonymous opinion around the internal company. A talent explained to the news portal that the article caused panic, and he hopes that Vince’s case will enter a serious assessment in spite of his good esteem,

the other person expressed concern about the return of talent In recent months if McMahon returns to power. “The Man from the High Billboard” recounted the positive aspects brought by the Levesque-Khan administration, such as good backstage morale or increased profits and audiences, and asserted that Vince McMahon’s decision to return It would be “selfish” if it came to fruition,

more staff members He clarified that it would be devastating to see Vince return in power, and their forceful arrival will nullify the work of many months. As of now, the chances of Vince McMahon returning to WWE are looking slim. Even then, Data provided by The Wall Street Journal can be extended With more news in the coming days.

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