Viral €1,000 suitcase of some national team players hidden in Qatar

Spanish national team players carrying Luis Enrique to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup arrived in the sports city of Las Rojas laden with suitcases. as some Dani Olmo, Dani Carbajal, Marcos Llorente, Coke Resurrecion and Robert SanchezHe had two.

The extra suitcase was black POGA (Portable Gaming) And inside was a console with which Raid players could enjoy their favorite video games from anywhere in the world. So, it can be said that the team is not only preparing for the World Cup matches but also keeping themselves entertained during the time when they are neither training nor playing.

“Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to be flexible and Play wherever they want without losing quality“, details the brand on its website.

fits within POGA console and a screen, So athletes will only need one plug to play without the need for a TV. Thanks to the images taken of the players before they entered the sports city, we already know what they will be doing in their free time in the world football competition.

PlayStation VR2.

It should be noted that the price of these video console suitcases varies depending on what’s inside:

  • Poga Lux: for PlayStation 5. It can come with the included console (1,569 euros) or without it (969 euros).
  • Poga Pro: It costs 669 euros and fits the PS4, Xbox One X and Xbox Series S.

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