Vision 60: The robot dog of the Spanish army that integrates weapons and automates missions

The Spanish military is testing robotic dogs through drills and drills by the Parachute Brigade. Earth Force claimed on Twitter that the Vision 60 device was Developed by the company Ghost Robotics Corporation and distributed by Pauker.

One of these Androids. is designed to allow Rapid adaptation to new environmentsUsing a proprietary control core that mimics mammals in a variety of urban and rural settings.

Each Vision is in 60 Feet a motor that can be controlled and adjusted for pressure changes On the ground, the vision sensor decelerates when the environment is unknown and is able to rise when it falls.

The aim of this robot is to create a versatile device that can walk, walk, crawl, climb and swim. In addition, the Vision 60 Can integrate weapons and sensors To expand your capabilities of use.

The process of making the robotic legs can be viewed on YouTube.

With regard to its technical characteristics, the dog weighs 51 kg, can carry up to ten kg, has IP67 certification so that it can move in a humid environment, under the sun with a temperature of minus 45 degrees to 55 degrees Can withstand low temperatures. Maximum speed of three meters per second with a maximum distance of ten kilometers, and a three hours of autonomy,

At the end of last year, The Army Tested This Android In A Demonstration In ToledoSimilarly, Gosht Robotics presented a commercial collaboration with weapons manufacturer Talwar that integrated a sniper rifle into the device.

the version you tried The Spanish military did not collect applications for this type of attack.However, the manufacturer offers this model to its customers.

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