Void in Conduct: What Happened to the Actress Who Had a “Romance” with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo?

The popular Zero Conduct program has earned its place on Mexican television, its Naughty humor and its cast by hilarious comedians and beautiful actresses He was in charge of giving it a unique tone that is difficult to replicate on current television.

Much of the program’s success can be attributed to Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo since the talented mexican actor took many decisions that shaped the show, served as the protagonist, writer and producer. This is why in addition to serving as the first opportunity for many actors to enter Mexican show business, the comedy program featured a wide variety of famous actors such as “Chabello”.

One of these young personalities who was looking for an opportunity to grow as an actor”George’s School“The Costa Rican actress was Anastasia AcostaJoe became “the most beautiful student in the class” of Cerro en Conducta. Anastasia “played”rosita, Whose love was it?jorgito del mazo(Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo), eagerly There were rumors of a possible emotional relationship between Anastasia and Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Anastasia continues to appear in television productions
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What happened to Anastasia Acosta?

Costa Rican Actress Had already appeared on Mexican television Highlighting in the telenovela “marisol“In the year 1996, in addition to participating in programs such as”derbez in time“why”comic is a comedian“However, it was not until she had the opportunity to play “Rosita” in “Cerro en Conducta”. Anastasia began to gain loyal fans who still appreciate the work of the actress.,

Unfortunately his charactervoid in conduct“It was changedHer departure from the popular comedy was spectacular and sparked rumors about a failed relationship with media power-seeking Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Anastasia continues to appear in television productions such as the telenovela called “La Pilotto II”, in addition to being an excellent stage producer and actressOn her Instagram account there are about 30 thousand followers who are looking forward to the future projects of the beautiful actress, which is currently At 47, He Looks Even Better Than He Stole “Jorgito”‘s Heart,

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