WATCH LIVE: Biden to meet with DeSantis during trip to Florida to survey Hurricane Ian damage

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will be among those President Biden met during his visit to Florida to survey damage and relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ian. President and First Lady Jill Biden landed in Fort Meyers, Florida, early Wednesday afternoon.

After this, more than 100 people are reported to have died in Florida and North Carolina. Ian attacked the west coast of Florida Traveled further inland and north last week, according to CBS News calculations. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that the president and the first lady will “reaffirm” the president’s commitment to Florida.

“The President will meet with small business owners and local residents affected by Hurricane Ian and federal workers working round-the-clock to provide life-saving assistance, restore electricity, distribute food and water, remove debris and begin rebuilding efforts. , will thank the state and local authorities,” Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday. “Governor DeSantis, FEMA Administrator Dean Criswell and other state and local officials will also provide the president with an operational briefing on the current response and recovery efforts.”

on ThursdayMr Biden said he had already spoken with DeSantis several times about the heavy storm, and dismissed any suggestion that their political differences would affect his cooperation in helping the people of Florida. Mr Biden said DeSantis had commended him on the federal response to the storm.

“It’s not about whether or not we have anything to do with our disagreement politically,” Mr Biden said on Thursday. “It’s about saving people’s lives, homes and businesses. That’s what it’s about. And so, I’m done – I’ve talked to them four, five times already. And it’s a matter of my disagreement with them.” No. Other stuff.”

President and First Lady Jill Biden on Monday visited Puerto RicoWhich is still grappling with the devastation caused by Hurricane Fiona last month and rebuilding from Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Mr Biden expressed regret in his speech on Monday, saying “you have had to endure more and more than you need to, and you have not received timely assistance.” “And this latest storm has dealt a serious blow to everyone, all the hard work that’s been done since Maria.”

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