“We took them all out”: Julian is glad there are no Jaguars in the Grand Finals.

the day of Grand finale To know the absolute winner or winner of Survivor Mexico, , , Naomi, Kent and Julian They are the finalists who want to return home with 2 million pesos and the championship.

Survivor Mexico finalists remember former teammates in the final.

Three contestants from this season falcon tribe In the Grand Final, which Julian celebrated in his last hours at the shelter.

“The Falcon-Wolves alliance was not to spare anyone Jaguar in the last example And it was achieved. In the end we took them all out and this short term objective was achieved. Now I want to pick up that sacred necklace.”

Announced to the participant about the achievement of the green team and the failure of the yellow team.

The last A type of animal Cintia was to leave the competition, although the latter was eliminated by Julian in a cardiac duel that put him to the test.

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Kenta and Nahomy celebrate the victory of Halkones

fork was one of the participants who held the grand final of Survivor Mexico painted green. The finalist said he is delighted to have accomplished one of his biggest goals in the competition: “That There Are No Jaguars In The Grand Final: That Was My Only Goal”Told the cameras of our reality show.

Naomi He had been looking for the Halkons to reach the final day of the competition, so now he celebrated reaching this day with only Kenta and Julian: “We survived three births.”

third season of Survivor Mexico Mixed feelings left, as there were alliances and strategies for reaching the Grand Finals throughout this edition. One of the most infamous conspiracies in recent months was against Yusef, who went home after the entire clan voted for him.

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