Husband of 'One Tree Hill' star Bevin Prince dies after being struck by lightning

By Mobin Monster

Friend was struck around 3.15pm on Sunday (July 3) near Masonboro Island,

. Marine units from the local sheriff's and police departments responded after being flagged down during routine patrol.

EMS attempted to resuscitate him in an ambulance for 20 minutes but failed

Friend was the chief executive of business-to-business platform Bisnow and helped the company attain global recognition

Supergirl and Walker actor Odette Annable took to Instagram on Wednesday (July 8) to pay tribute to Friend and share an update on Prince.

Annable wrote that Friend was "perfect" for Prince "in every way" and encouraged people to support two organisations beloved by the couple

"The passion to help people, to build your business, to find happiness like I'd never seen from you living in North Carolina with Bevin.

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